GD is a new space empire board game.

I, its designer, have been working on its creation for about 9 years, sometimes doing intensive work on it other times nothing for months.

It has many intricacies mainly expressed in extensive optional rules and having different game levels.

The game is introduced via the Basic Level Game.

Higher levels are Advanced, Expert, Master, etc.


I will be putting the whole of the Basic Game on this website for downloading by those who are interested.

Note that this is the Alpha version of the game.

There will be a file for the actual rules, and separate files for Optional Rules, Cards & Counters, and some other aspects.

There will also be a monthly downloadable magazine Galactic Revelations.


The GD board game, though complete in itself, will also act as the springboard for other developments such as an RPG [Role Playing game], card game, etc.


If you choose to download and play this game I hope you enjoy it [but note that you will have to print on A4 cardboard a fairly large quantity of cards and counters.

Or you can print on paper and stick them on cardboard].