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Our Purpose

This site exists so as to put forward constructive criticism of M:TG game, and related aspects such as how the game is promoted, etc.
It also serves as a source of information - with useful articles and card databases.
Also as a dialogue nexus for 'like' minds.

Proposed Future Articles - partial list

Card Comparisons - similar function cards from different sets - by color [so one for each color]
Changes in Magic card rulings and rules you need to know
Theory of Reprints
Cats Have No Lord [& I haven't forgotten Raksha Golden Cub]
Magic: Where is it going?
M:TG and Society
New card ideas

Our Mission

Ghod gave me a mission - to save Magic the Gathering from the clutches of an evil worldwide corporation.
Not only would it be Apocalypse Now, but Judgment Now, and all those other sets, that needed to be Redux.

Welcome to the Magic Rebellion