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The Rough Stuff

This page contains criticism and narky remarks about M:TG (Magic), WoTC, Hasbro.
Seriously, its meant for constructive criticism designed to improve the game of Magic.

Magic flaws can be inherent, general or specific.

Inherent flaws are from initial game concept - such as why is it that land and sea creatures can block each other?

General flaws usually relate to general broad rules interpretations and alterations such as those of the 'Classic' rules.

Specific flaws usually relate to specific cards.

So there will be some serious criticism of many specific cards, rules and rulings.

There will also be an examination of 'philosophy' of the game's design in general, with specific queries eg why doesn't Zombify return creature as a zombie?

eg how can land and sea creatures block each other?

Did you know, for instance, that Ravnica's Dromed Purebred - if it receives damage simultaneously from several sources you only gain 1 life.

Also that a number of older creatures have had their creature types changed.

Here are two closely related cards that exemplify errors that can occur in Magic card designing. They incorporate a basically sound and interesting mechanic, but do not fully think through the concept - leaving these as two (& too) weak creatures, when should be highly desirable.

Glittering Lynx W Creature - Cat (Prophecy) Common 1/1 and
Glittering Lion 2W Creature - Cat (Prophecy) Uncommon 2/2.

Both have the ability - Prevent all damage that would be dealt to Glittering Lynx/Lion. They also have that for 2 or 3 mana respectively 'Until end of turn, Glittering Lynx/Lion loses "the stated ability." Any player may play this ability.'

This makes them potentially good - BUT an extra line is needed: 'This second ability can not be used in combat phase.'

If this was included, it would mean that opponent would have to spend the mana and declare the action before commencing an attack - giving defender better idea about whether to use the lynx/lion as a blocker.

One of the major problems with M:TG is ridiculous interpretations that contradict the cards, the rules, commonsense and the spirit of play eg Regeneration versus Humble. Rules clearly state that regeneration is a creature ability. Humble clearly states that removes creature abilities. BUT the rules gurus say that can raise a regen shield before Humble resolves and then can regenerate.

Imagine a warrior with sword and shield approaching.

You have a charm that prevents use of shields.

Opponent says - "Oh, I didn't raise my shield when your charm activated - I had it raised earlier.

You respond - " I don't care when you raised your shield - my charm doesn't prevent raising shields, it prevents using them."

So it should be with Humble and regeneration. [Or, in literal wording of Humble, you would lose (that is drop) your shield].

Welcome to the Magic Rebellion