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Who am I? What do I want?

Hello, My name is Inigo Montoya; no, its not - you're Lindsay Jamieson [hey, you've given away my secret identity] - some secret
(I loved the movie The Princess Bride;I am also a huge fan of Babylon 5).

I am an oldie [but a 'Goodies' fan - don't worry Americans - get a Commonwealth friend to explain what this is to you - same with 'Blake's 7'] (early 50s) - there are too many young Magic players ie it needs to be more mature - I don't mean that it can't be fun [hell - its some of the WotC people who are taking things too seriously (in some ways; not enough in others)], but it needs to develop to gain game respectability.

I have a friend who calls it 'Tragic the Blathering'.

I am an SF fan (is there any Magic player who isn't?!)
I also like science, philosophy, games, sports, history.

I come not to destroy the village of Magic, but to save it.

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Welcome to the Magic Rebellion